This is an interesting topic, especially when you think about children as writer’s. Kids are often more willing to put time into something they think they are good at (not always the case). When is it we discover our “talent” for something? Or how is passion for something developed so that we stay at it until we are successful?

Shawn L. Bird

“You don’t believe in natural talent?”

“The premise can be insidious.  If we find something doesn’t come naturally, we might conclude we have no talent for it and abandon the pursuit, even if it’s to our detriment.”

“So what causes success?”

“If you believe in deliberate practice, artfully designed hard work and always stretching beyond your abilities.  It’s not as simple as ‘Practice makes perfect.’  It’s continually focusing on your weakest elements and trying to improve them.  Those who persevere are high achievers.”

“…The key lies in knowing what you deeply want.  The more you want something, the easier it is to sweat through the deliberate practice.”

“So you make your own luck?…”

Kerry Reichs in Leaving Unknown

Kerry seems to be describing Gladwell’s Rule of 10,000.  The concept is quite simple.  If you put 10,000 hours into something–anything–you will be successful.  Whether you begin with ‘natural talent’ or…

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