I’m a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow.  I think she is an amazing actress.  She is beautiful.  She is clearly hard working.  Not only is she an actress, and a singer but she is also the author of three cookbooks.  She is successful, stylish, and in shape.  However, recently, I started to think about all the things in life I have experienced that Gwyneth may have missed out on.   So I started this list:


Ten Things (I Bet) Gwyneth Doesn’t Know


1.  That small children are capable of quickly collecting loose change from under the floor mats of a moving vehicle as it pulls up to a tollbooth, if they remove their seat belts.


2. Target sells bras and organic baby carrots (Buying them is only slightly awkward if you run into someone you know at the checkout… the bras, not the carrots).  Truth is Gwyneth probably knows this but has not taken advantage of it.


3. The best smell in the world is the smell of dinner in the slow cooker as you walk in the door after a long day at work.


4. That you can get up at 5:30 to put dinner in the slow cooker and still have time to take a shower before the rest of your family gets up and hogs the bathroom.


5. Ikea has ice cream cones for only fifty cents.


6. Hem tape is the greatest invention of all time (or in a pinch, duct tape… I’m not proud of it but it works.)


7.  The panic that sets in at the register when a credit card doesn’t work… “I thought there was money in that account.”


8.  You can use a coupon to buy wine.


9.  They sell wallet-sized organizers for coupons so that you can always be prepared to get a deal.


10.  L’oreal Preference in Medium Blonde will do the trick if you haven’t been to the salon in months and you have only three hours before your husband’s office Christmas party.



Please leave your comments.  I am interested in finding out what you think Gwyneth doesn’t know.





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