I devour books
my hunger cannot
be satisfied
(it could be a tapeworm)

I feast on
the rich flesh
of dark, devilish tales
the juices run down my chin
as I lick the bloody knife

I gobble up
the sticky, sweet desserts
of everlasting true love
my spoon scraping the bottom
for every last gooey drop

I savor
the unexpected surprise
of exotic adventures
sipping slowly
trying to avoid getting burned

I wolf down books
so fast
it leaves me breathless

I gorge
until my eyes
and my head

I devour books
my hunger cannot
be satisfied
I just finished one
and already
I’m hankering for another
(maybe it’s not tapeworm,
maybe it’s bookworm)


8 thoughts on “one just isn’t enough

    1. Favorite book of all time… that’s too hard. I love so many books. Stephen King’s Firestarter was the first “adult” book I read (still a favorite). The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood was first dystopian fiction that I read. I fell in love with the genre. The Road by Cormac McCarthy and The Hunger Games Series are some other favorites.

      But I have favorites in every genre. I could go on and on and on…

      What is your favorite genre? What books do you love?

      1. Currently reading “Cutting for stone,” which has forced me to get out of my typical reads and into something a little different. Really love “Travels with charley” by steinbeck, it’s probably my favorite.

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