Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the first time in 92 days, I didn’t post last night.  I let my life get in the way of my writing.  The intention of this blog was to make time for writing each day.  Usually I post at night, when the rest of my household is asleep or otherwise occupied.  For 92 days, I managed to write no matter what happened.  Until last night…

It wasn’t anything tragic or surprising that kept me from writing, just a date night.  I knew it was coming and I didn’t plan ahead.  It is the same old routine that kept me from writing in the past.  I just didn’t make my writing a priority.

I woke up this morning feeling a desperate urge to get to my computer.  I needed to make penance or apologize. (To whom? I’m not sure.)

Does this happen to anyone else?  Are there any tricks to putting “time to write” at the top of the priority list?

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