do poets wear hats?
or carpool to school?
do they look like me or you?
could I do what they do?

how many glasses of wine
do they drink
per night?
I might
need to rethink
what I drink

do poets laugh in church
or leave their friends in the lurch?
do they kill , slaughter or maim?
would I have to do the same?

how many edits of a line
do they think
is fine?
I might
need some more time
editing mine

do poets sleep in?
or worry about being thin?
do they like modern art?
should I learn the part?

how many ounces of sweat
do they produce
when they write?
I might
need a practice run
before I’m done

Do poets live by a lake?
or eat the cupcakes they make?
do they act like me and you?
could I really do what they do?


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