Please take out your books and read.


Anya, don’t play

That doesn’t even rhyme

Oh, no

He stoled my…

Cause she was passing notes!

People tryin’ ta read


Mrs. C don’t hate the game, hate the playa

You can see where we’re coming from

Who wrote on your arm?

You need to pay attention.

Anya, ooh





These people is not letting me read!



Wait what?

I didn’t even ask her.

Hmm, hmm, hmm

You are a child of God

Mrs. C is this blood?! It looks scary.

He died at the end of the book.


Yo, what is you talking about?

You need to remove this female from the table.


Time’s up.  See you tomorrow.


One thought on “Silent Reading Time

  1. During my brief stint as a public school teacher, I experienced this first hand. Excellent job of capturing that “feel” of silent reading time.


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