Protected: Our Author Brand—The Choice Between Meaningful and Empty, Sad Imitation

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When I saw this meme on Facebook, I though my husband was going to have to scrape me off the floor I was laughing so hard. And, like most things in life, if I’m left long enough to marinate on something, I frequently discover a hidden truth or a lesson we can all apply to life, our work and our art.

There are a lot of lessons out there about author branding (I’m right, though :D). There are those who hail the genius of automation, or claim we should be outrageous, shocking, and rattle The Establishment (whatever that is). I suppose all paths are viable, though all will yield different results.

The Automated Path

There are marketing technophiles who will gladly (and often for a fee) set up our social media to act on its own. We spend an hour writing clever snippets, plug them in and POOF! A machine…

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love is not made to order

we started
with action
and pyrotechnics

you said
I have enough friends
it wasn’t the end
I tried to push you away
but you were determined to stay

until this day
you are the reason why
I get this panicked feeling
when I see a police car

each night I wait for you
in the dark
tucked into the
sweat soaked
mucus soaked
blood soaked
love soaked
we share

you are my love story
fast paced
hot streak
not available in 3D
my DiMaggio

our love is like
a pound of twenties
sliced real thin

we can make change
and our return on investment
is sky high

my kingdom for a plunger

I need Draino
to melt the hairy
situations from the day
clogging my soul
blocking my flow
the words trickle out
barely enough
to wet your whistle

I need a bottle
of sweet Liquid Plumber
to dissolve the gunk
plugging up my pipes
chunks of rotten
“bills to pay”
and mounds of fetid

a plunger
a plunger
my kingdom for a plunger

alas, the words won’t come
it is late and I am done

Life is a Puzzle

English: Puzzle Svenska: Pussel
English: Puzzle Svenska: Pussel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got pieces




Puzzles pieces

I sit for hours



Puzzling out

The picture

These pieces should



Fall together

In the perfect way

I’ve got lots of pieces



Puzzling pieces

I can’t seem to find a place for

The only thing that keeps me going



Refusing to give up

These pieces all came out of the same box

live dangerous creativity

I have crossed into the kingdom
schooled in fear
fed on hate

institutional gray lines
of sick as a dog
consumers plod in
a secret race to nowhere

I declare war on the humdrum
live dangerous creativity
and take command of my destiny

I am no prodigy
let the battle begin
failures stack up like books on a shelf

victories twinkle like stars